Remediating for 140 Characters 
The topics I was looking to hash tag were; #travel and #photography, even though theses # tags are general, twitter gave me a lot of related posts which I liked and rewetted onto my profile. Twitter isn’t a social networking site I use to a show my photographs on, but as I was searching these # tags I came across that a lot of well know photographers do use twitter to showcase their work. But as a personal preference I do not feel that twitter is a suitable social networking site to show case photographs due to the fact that it’s more of a word based site, were there a lot of political debating and opinion based conversations. Also because of the 140 word limit response there isn’t much which can be said, if its and opinion or a fact; most posts have about 5 or more # tags, which doesn’t leave much space to say anything else. # Tags which other people use may not be any use to me, or could be meaning less to many people who see the post.
Retweet 1: I love this image, the way the ray of light falls perfectly onto the boat. #Photography #travelphotography #Boat
Retweet 2: this is an amazing photography, looks like a painting but it’s a photograph. #travel #photography #lovetobehere
Retweet 3: using these photography tips can make photos better. #photography #tipsandtricks #allabouttravel
Retweet 4: Read what famous travel photographers have to say. #famouspeople #interview #tips #howitsdone