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Drones in Penrith take real estate photography to new heights
by capturing unseen angles of homes
Photography was introduced during the 1830s and 40s (Invention of Photography 2015), we have seen how much photography has change over the decades, from black and white photos to film photographs and now the introduction of drone photography. The article on ‘the Australian’ reports the new photographic technology that has come into the light of the real estate market. There has been an introduction to drones which takes aerial view photographs  from extraordinary heights and angles, to give a different interpretation for home buyers to see a different view of the house they are thinking to purchase. The drone photography was introduced to the market last year and was very popular, but it has become even more popular today. This type of photography is quite different to what i have posted on my blog so far, but I think you, as the reader will enjoy reading this specific news article due to the photography technology, which has come about in the last couple of years. Even though this is a new type of photography, many people are blinded when it is comes to technology that isn't related to mobile phones or computer devices. This is the main reason why i chose to share this partially news article on my blog. Not often is there drove like cameras that have been reported on the news. But photographs like these are usually taken from an aeroplane, which can be very expensive, for companies and photographers, but with this investment let’s hope we can all get one. Who knew that drone photography would take off in a market of real estate?