I have chosen this particular topic because I have grown up enjoying taking pictures of the most minute details of peculiar objects. When I was younger, anything and everything became the subject of photography. Particularly in Perth, my passion for photography excelled, I began driving to different locations around Perth, at all times of the day including sunrise to enjoy the scenic views and capture the breathtaking landscapes of Perth. I make it a routine that wherever I go, my camera follows. This has allowed me to take pictures at the perfect times for sunset, and sunrise. For a perfect sunrise picture, I drove up to the Avon Valley at 4am.
Aside from studying and working, I always take time out to take pictures. As a photographer, I still have a lot to learn, and many more landscapes to capture. Living in this beautiful country, it is hard not to enjoy my everyday surroundings, and hard not to capture these surrounding for the true beauty that they are. I am drawn to the natural surroundings in Western Australia, with many locations too far to travel to, so capturing as much of the surroundings and atmosphere of the location is a must! My passion for the outdoors and travel helps me create these breathtaking images. The emotion and representation behind the images of the landscapes always have a story to tell, sometimes through the eyes of the photographer and sometimes through the perception of the person seeing the photograph. Every moment in every different location adds to my love and passion for photography.
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  2. The blue boat shed
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  11. Title 11

Shutter Speed: 8

Shutter Speed: 22
Exposure: 1.3

Shutter Speed: 9

Shutter Speed: 11

Shutter Speed: 3.5

Shutter Speed: 7.1

Shutter Speed: 10

Shutter Speed: 10

Shutter Speed: 29